Due to any of the above factors, the plantar fascia (the ligament that holds up your arch) is pulled or strained so that a portion of this very strong ligament starts Air Jordan 17s to tear or fray like a rope at its weakest point (where it attaches to you heel bone). This tearing causes microscopic internal bleeding in this area. Your body reacts by causing inflammation, which in turn causes irritation to the nerves, bursae and muscles in this area. As the inflammation occurs, the body tries to heal itself by depositing calcium in the area of the tear. This creates the spur. Not everyone will have a visible spur on x ray, especially in the early stages. The spur poking your foot Air Jordan 6 Rings does not the cause of the pain! It is just a tangible sign that extensive tearing has occurred. The tearing and straining is the cause of the pain and then the nerve becomes inflamed which makes the pain more sharp and long lasting. The straining must be stopped, along with the inflammation, in order to resolve this problem.

Diagnosis of plantar fasciitis is made with a complete physical examination that must include a biomechanical exam. X ray are Air Jordan 13s recommended to rule out any other problems like a stress fracture or tumor in the area. Shoe gear is also evaluated.

Treatment initially includes all of the items listed below. If any of these treatments increases your pain, please call or contact the office. It has been estimated that Air Jordan 9s 85% of heel pain can be eliminated by non surgical treatements; but these take time and effort on the part of the patient and doctor. Your heel pain did not appear overnight, and it will Air Jordan 12s take a while to totally eliminate the pain.

Conservative therapy can include:

1. Ice (at least 15 minutes twice a day);

2. Stretching (your doctor will give you calf and arch stretching);

3. Anti inflammatories (either orally or in an injection);Remember that treating the biomechanics of your feet treats the underlying cause where the other treatments are only treating the symptoms! Some people need physical therapy, night splints, and casting for relief. Conservative treatment often takes 4 6 months to eliminate plantar fasciitis.

Surgical treatment is the last alternative, after conservative therapy has been exhausted. Extracorporal shock wave therapy (ESWT) is a relatively non invasive surgery that is quite effective, but deemed experimental by many insurance companies. If you are interested in more information about ESWT, my website has an article posted on the subject.

There are many approaches to heel pain surgery; but here are the two most common surgical approaches: the traditional approach (removes the spur) and the endoscopic approach (lengthens the ligament to reduce the strain and therefore reduce your pain). If your pain is not eliminated by conservative treatment after 4 6 months, we will discuss which approach is best for you.

Remember, the earlier you seek medical help for heel pain, the faster it will go away! If you have pain more than 5 7 days in a row in the same spot, contact your podiatrist for an appointment.

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